Saturday, March 6, 2010


This past Tuesday, TJ got word that he was going to be making a quick trip up to Washington for work. He would leave Wednesday morning with Malaya in tow. I wanted to take the whole family but I had Chemistry on wednesday afternoon and a quiz. They left and then I got the call that my class had been cancelled for the day. I was pretty bummed given the fact that we could have all gone to Washington and saw our family. Last night I sat at home and cried, TJ & Malaya were getting ready to go to dinner with my parents and I was sitting here in Arizona with nothing to do but clean up poop from my lovely 2 yr old. I wanted nothing more than to be there with them going to dinner and catching up. The reality that we live so far away hit me pretty hard last night. It's not easy but it has to be done.

Oh my grossness

When your 2 year old walks up to you with no diaper on and saying "poo poo' you just know it's never going to be a good thing. My lovely Carter, I love you but you are GROSS!!! Leave the diaper on before you come to me with poo poo on your hands, your legs, your feet and all over the carpet. Thanks.

It's Been a While

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I have updated my blog! I've been out of it. Anyhow, we are all settled here in Arizona. It's been so crazy. For the first 7 months I felt like I was just on a very LONG vacation. When Christmas came around and we had our first holiday here, that's when it hit that we live here. We can't just drive over to mom's for christmas, I missed cookie exchanges and holiday parties. It was rough for me. But we made it through and here we are with another summer coming upon us. The kids are doing fabulous in school, I couldn't ask for better. However, schools here are very different than they are in Washington. Not necessarily in a bad way, just different.

TJ's work is going great, he has never worked so much in his life. He will probably tell you though that being in charge is not always what it cracks up to be. It's more like babysitting than anything. He does more paperwork and moderation of employees than actually working himself. But he enjoys it and we are happy so that's all that matters.

I am going to school FT and it's going really well. I enjoy most of my classes and the challenge of learning again. Won't be too long before I get my degree and am working as a nurse.

That's about all that is new with us, same ole same ole.....have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You know you want to!!!!!!!!!

Hey all, well I finally did it. I entered Malaya into the GAP casting call. A chance for her to be a GAP model for a year, something she has been begging me to let her do and I finally think she is old enough!

What I need from you is votes. Lotsa votes! You can vote once a day for her if you think she is the best in her category. WHICH SHE IS!!!!!!!! he ha....If she wins she gets to be a face of Gap as well as take a trip to NY to see the Lion King on Broadway.

Here is the link, log on daily and give her your support. Fan votes count for a prize as well!

Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's been a while

Wow, it's been so long since I have updated this. But life has been crazy! Our move to Arizona has been a great one so far. We are happy and busy and lost all at the same time! The girls started school on August 6th. I was so ready, I can't stand all the bickering and fighting that comes along with summer vacation. However, now I find it silly that it's 90 degrees out and they are in school. But loving every minute of it and doing so well at the adjustment. They have new friends, like their teachers and plan on joining some after school programs very soon.

TJ is leading up a $54 million dollar contract at work. This means he works 90 hours a week. Seriously, he goes at 5am and gets home at 11pm. But we do get to see him everyday. Etiher at lunch or dinner for a while. And of course every weekend we do something Sunday as a family all day. it's really ok. I'd rather him work that much than be gone for 2-3 weeks at a time and not see him at all.

I finished my first class at college. Algebra. YUCK!!!!!!!I did not care for it, it was not my cup of tea. However, I did pass with a B and can put math behind me and move on! Tuesday begins the fall semester for me. I am taking 9.5 credits which is FT. I get to tackle Biology 181 and my Nursing Assistant Training. I am looking forward to some change and being busy. Don't get me wrong staying home all day everyday does keep me plenty busy. But this will be a different kind of busy.

Carter Rylan is turning 2 in just a few weeks. I cannot believe it. but he is a full blown 2 year old let me tell you. BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!!!! I think it should be almost illegal to be as busy as he is. But he is the sweetest most loving little boy ever! I cannot imagine my life without him.

Here are a couple photos of the first day of school. It's been a while since I posted pics. I promise to update this thing a little more often!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Prayers are needed

Hello all my fellow bloggy's....

Please keep my friend Nichole in your prayers as you go about your day today. Last night she lost her unborn baby boy. She was 23 weeks along. The reasons are unknown right now. She has a rare blood disorder that makes it hard to carry children, this one wasn't planned. but nonetheless, it's just as hard. They have grown to accept this pregnancy, find out he was a boy and even give him a name. She emailed me early in the afternoon concerned that she hadn't felt him move in about 24 hrs. But sometimes babies just don't move alot and sometimes that early on it's hard to feel it. She had a doppler so kept checking the heartbeat and all was ok. Before she went to bed at 9:30 she checked for HB again and nothing. Her husband drove her 1.5 hrs to the hospital where they couldn't find a hearbeat. She has placenta previa so cannot deliver him for risk of bleeding to death. She also cannot have a c-section for the same reasons. She is sitting in the hospital right now waiting for them to decide what to do with her stillborn son still inside of her. upon ultrasound this morning they found that he weighed 13 oz but, there was no more amniotic fluid, thus for some reason, he did not survive.

2 years ago, on July 5 this exact thing happened to Nichole, except her baby boy lived. he made it to 22 weeks and weighed 1 lb. Was in the NICU for 4 months and is now a thriving healthy and busy 2 year old little man. Nichole almost died during this as that delivery is how they found out she had a rare blood disorder. Jordyn had stopped growing at 22 weeks but lived until she went into shock at 25 weeks and made it to the hospital. they have been so strong and endured so much in the past couple years.

Please keep them in your mind today that they get through such a difficult time. Thanks.

Thursday with ME!

I kinda like this Thursday with me post. Stolen from my dear friend Tiffiny over at The Story of My is this week's episode....about all I have time for these days!

I am Thankful For......
Coffee. Yes that is shallow, I know but it has saved my life a few times this week. I am thankful for it and that's all there is to the story. also, that gas prices are dropping. I filled up for $2.39 a gallon yesterday. Woot woot!

I am Looking Forward to.......
Seeing my mom and dad hopefully at the end of the month. It's hard to go from seeing them everyday to not seeing them for over a month. I am having withdrawls.

I am Missing......
again, my family and friends. And my mind. And some new triple A batteries I just bought. And Carter's new swim shorts I just bought him. Moving will do it to you.

I am Listening To....
Handy Manny on the TV, Carter singing Handy Manny and the kids argueing. So what's new?

What's For dinner tonight?
Whatever the kids can find since i have a math test at 4pm and class after that at 5 until 9. Maybe I will call TJ and have him get a $5 pizza on his way home from work. They are really $5 here, no joke. Not $8.55 or whatever they have raised them to in Lynden now.

That's about all I have time for. Our weeks aren't too interesting around here. But wait until school starts for the kids!!!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!