Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday with ME!

I kinda like this Thursday with me post. Stolen from my dear friend Tiffiny over at The Story of My is this week's episode....about all I have time for these days!

I am Thankful For......
Coffee. Yes that is shallow, I know but it has saved my life a few times this week. I am thankful for it and that's all there is to the story. also, that gas prices are dropping. I filled up for $2.39 a gallon yesterday. Woot woot!

I am Looking Forward to.......
Seeing my mom and dad hopefully at the end of the month. It's hard to go from seeing them everyday to not seeing them for over a month. I am having withdrawls.

I am Missing......
again, my family and friends. And my mind. And some new triple A batteries I just bought. And Carter's new swim shorts I just bought him. Moving will do it to you.

I am Listening To....
Handy Manny on the TV, Carter singing Handy Manny and the kids argueing. So what's new?

What's For dinner tonight?
Whatever the kids can find since i have a math test at 4pm and class after that at 5 until 9. Maybe I will call TJ and have him get a $5 pizza on his way home from work. They are really $5 here, no joke. Not $8.55 or whatever they have raised them to in Lynden now.

That's about all I have time for. Our weeks aren't too interesting around here. But wait until school starts for the kids!!!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!