Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Brownie" the bunny

So we got a bunny. Yep. The girls have been bugging me for a year to get a pet. First it was a dog, then a cat but we just don't have the time to pay real attention to those animals that need a lot of human contact and attention. So as we are walking thru the barns at the fair a great thought came to my mind.....a bunny! They are low maintenance and cute. They totally went for it. Browine is a part of our family now. She's almost like a dog, she stays near the house and comes when you call her.....what more could you ask for right? So the other day the neighbors cat came over and had her eye on Brownie. We thought....uh oh, there goes the bunny. But much to our surprise Browine stood up to that cat! She even had her running away and up a tree! We got out the camera just in time. Pretty comical.


Brooke said...

We had a bunny...Rebel was his name....we let him out...he ran away. We have his brother still..we let him run around our family room. Steve and I had a heck of a time catching him. Why Oh Why wont are bunny act like a dog too????

Katie said...

oh that is so funny