Monday, October 20, 2008

Stoney Ridge Farm

The kids had no school on Friday so we took them to Stoney Ridge Farm to pick out pumpkins, go through the corn maze, ride the tractor and eat yummy pie! It was so fun. The weather was great, nice and sunny but it was a tad windy so down at the patch if you were in the wind just right it was chilly! Carter thought the pumpkins were pretty cool but his favorite thing was the tractor. He freaked out when we got off and it drove away. The girls loved everything of course, especially the pie! Malaya picked out a 40 lb pumpkin and dad hauled it all the way up to the farm only to find out it was going to cost us about $20. So we had to leave it behind, we did come away with a pumpkin for each of us and a fun filled day!