Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For all you carbohydrate addicts.

.....like me! Well, usually you hear people say that over the holiday's they gained weight and la de da de da. Yeah well I had strep, tonsilitis AND the flu over Christmas so I think I may have been the only person on Earth that lost weight over the holidays. but boy oh boy did I make up for it in February. I don't know what it was about February...ok maybe I do. We went on a cruise. Enough said. For anyone who has ever been on one they will tell you that it's all bout the FOOD!! and more food and food everywhere. I think we did mostly eating on vacation. Blah. The cruise director said the average adult gains 7 lbs on a cruise and he was right! I put on 5 lbs over a 10 day vacation. Which isn't too hard since you eat constantly and drink alcohol then do nothing but lay around in the sun and be lazy the entire time. Then when we got home it was depressing being home and not on vacation, the weather sucked and I was bored. I went from 134 lbs before vacation to 140 lbs in no time. So I finally decided this is it. My clothes started fitting tight and I got sooooooo uncomfortable it was making me cranky.

10 days ago I decided to start the Atkins Diet. I also added a diet pill supplement and a One A Day womens weight loss support vitamin. 5 days into it I had lost 1 lb. Then my friend Shawna told me about the Carbohydrate Addicts diet. And thank goodness she did! I am down another 3 lbs for a total of 4 lbs weight loss in 10 days. If you have been considering dieting but aren't real good at restricting yourself or just don't want to give something up all together I suggest you check this out!

You are allowed 2 mini-meals a day. That contains little or no carbs at all. For instance in the morning I have scrambeled eggs with cheese (no carbs) and a cup of coffee with 1 tsp of half and half (also, no carbs). For lunch I usually have a salad.....chicken ceasar, taco salad, steak with blue cheese.....(all no carbs) and am fully satisfied! For dinner, you may have WHATEVER YOU WANT!!!! That's the best part. You can have bread, pasta, beer whatever....it's up to you. The trick is that you must eat your entire meal in 60 minutes and not one minute later. Dessert and all within 60 minutes. This diet has alot to do with your insulin and how much your body produces in a day and it's ability to break down sugars and complex carbs and not let them turn into fat.

Anyway it is supposed to work, well it's working and I love it! My goal is to get to 130 lbs by the end of April so hopefully this will happen. I would recommend this diet to anyone who asked or is looking to just lose a few lbs and a healthy way to maintain it. I feel a million times better even only 4.5 lbs lighter. I can't imagine what another 5 is going to be like! If you want to check it out here is a link!



The Kingsborough Queen said...

cool...i think i might try this! you are gonna be a "mommy with a hottie body" this summer!

Brooke said...

I think I will check that out...(I write this as I am looking at the baby pooch)