Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a rip off

I am not usually one to stew on things but this has got me in a tizzy. Back in Feb I signed up Malaya for Lynden Action soccer. Which was supposed to be kind of an "elite" team, where they learned more and played harder teams so they were supposed to be challenged more to prepare them for 4th grade soccer. BIG MISTAKE! the season cost me $75. She doesn't even get to keep her jersey. The season started April 21st....that was their first game. When did we get a call from her coach? On April 19th. One practice, if you could even call it that. and they were off to their first game. The coach is a joke, pracitice is a joke and some of the kids on the team are a joke. they are obviously not there to learn soccer skills, but to play with their friends and chit chat on the field. I feel terrible for Malaya. They have not won a game yet. 8 games, all losses. They hardly week the coach just decided to not show up and we sat in the school parking lot for 45 minutes waiting for him to show but nothing. And no follow up phone call. to me that is inconsiderate and rude. When they do practice they don't learn soccer skills, they scrimmage for an hour and when girls goof off he says nothing! It takes all Ihave to not stand up and say something. Other parents are also discouraged and I have a strong urge to write the Lynden Action director and ask for my $ back and to really put a bug in his ear that this is not ok. Today, there was a tournament. When did I find out about it? Last night when Malaya told me after finding out at school from a teammate. No call from the coach or anything. I was tempted to tell her we aren't going that this is the last straw but she loves soccer so I just couldn't. Last night she got no sleep and isn't feeling well today so she opted to stay home and not play. Guess they weren't going to miss her anyways since they didn't bother calling to tell her about it. Ugh. I don't know if I can send the letter. I want to. But at the same time I wonder if i should just say whatever and forget about it?