Monday, November 17, 2008

Black Friday

Ok it's time to give 2 dear friends Tiffiny and Jenn.....they are diehards. They are shoppers.....they are stay up all night on Thanksgiving and go shopping in the rain, sleet, snow and hail cause gosh darnit......the deals are way too good not too! And they are. I was just reading Tiff's blog, poor woman has a sprained ankle, 4 kids and a hubby that works 2 jobs. She is amazing, she is a giver and a lover and an inspiration to all of us trying to be the best darn moms we can be. and then I see Jenn's comment about good thing she isn't in a cast for black friday and I seriously laughed out loud and had to walk away from my table for a moment. I love it. I had the pleasure of accompanying these 2 on black friday 2 years ago. It was my birthday and we left at 10pm. Tiff drove us in the "mini" all the way to the Marysville outlets (it was snowing by the way), we gambled at the casino, ok they gambeled and I lost all my money then just watched, and then headed over to the shops for midnight madness. What did we score? a gravy seperator. yep. all the way there and the only purchase was Jenn, a gravy seperator. I am laughing outloud again. Then we hit the Skagit casino on the way home and got kicked out at 2am. (I am telling you, these girls are diehards). We then proceeded to go visit Jeremy, (Tiffs hubby) who was waiting in line at Best Buy at 3am for a Wii.........crazy huh? I took a nap in the mini while they kept Jer company and then we made our way to Kohls for the 4am early bird specials. We waited in line outside in the freezing cold, almost got our butts kicked from some crazies outside and then the madness began. I am telling you some of those people would have shot someone for a $99 portable DVD player on sale for $49.99.............all in all it was an amazing experience with 2 very great women. There is never a dull moment when hanging out with them so I have to laugh that Jenn is already thinking black friday, don't worry Tiff I am sure if your ankle isn't healed all the way the 2 of you can rent electric scooters and get around that way together! and heck they might even give you special treatment for being handicapped!!!!!!!!! I just love these girls!


Vrieling Mom said...

Are you joining us crazy ladies this year!? I think I need a cover for my pan so the bacon grease does not splatter!hahha..Love you!

The Erdmann Family said...

They have those in Bellingham ya know??? aha hah ah hahhha hha I crack myself up. We are going to be at my dad's so I can't. I wish I could though, the best memories ever! love ya too!