Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Joys of Motherhood

For those with a weak stomach stop reading now please. Oh I must share, mostly with myself and my sweet son when he is older. I hope he reads this and realizes that he owes me one! My sweet sweet Carter, so innocent was running around the house with just a diaper on. I swear it was only for a minute, we were in transition from clothes to jammies. I went to throw the dirty diaper away and get his jammies as he darts up the stairs....like he always does. The girls are up there so I am not worried. A few minutes later I hear a scream from Malaya and run up to find Carter's diaper on the stairs? and POOP all over the carpet. Yep my sweet boy took it off and did the deed all over my carpet. Why oh why do sweet boys do such nasty things?

I would have taken pictures but I didn't think that would be too appropriate! Carter when you can read I am going to give you this to read.........I love you baby boy. But no more poop!