Monday, November 17, 2008

I've been Tagged!

Jenn has tagged me! She tagged me to post my 3rd picture of my 3rd it is.

Man this picture is from 2005 when Malaya got bit by our cat Slibs. It bit her so hard that the bacteria got into her blood stream and gave her blood poisoning. This picture is her in the pediatric floor of St. Joes where she spent 3 days on IV antibiotics. Pretty scary. She loved it though and wants to go back because they "have cool video games and you can eat in your bed. And play video games at the same time!"........$2500 later..........lifes lessons. Never learned the easy way.

Brooke I am tagging you now! Post anything from 2006!


Brooke said...

I will have to dig for some that old! You do know how many pictures I take and how many folders I have..right??

The Erdmann Family said...

ok then just pick anything from your 10th folder.