Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Hate Teething!

I normally don't say I hate anything but I have had it. I hate teething. The one thing I didn't think about when deciding to have another baby was the darn teething. Vomit on me, poop on me, slobber all over me all you want...I can handle the crying and the screaming and the whining but damn teething is killing me! We are on the 3rd night in a row of raging high temperatures and gnawing on anything in site, in hopes of some relief. We got 4 hrs of sleep last night. My Carter who normally sleeps 8-8 did not sleep at all. Did he nap today? Oh no....he cried and ran fevers and darnit you stupid teeth where are you? I wish it would be over already!

Ok, I feel better for that little vent. Now I must go sleep while he sleeps because I know it's going to be short lived....goodnight!