Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Little Carter

Oh my little baby Carter.....I just had to blog about him because I think he is the most curious, sweetest creature on the face of the earth. Everyday he amazes me. I thank God for bringing him into our lives, I cannot imagine our family without him. the girls adore him and he is sick of them bugging him. He turned 15 months this past week and is a mover to say the least. He has started running and he runs away all the time. Especially at diaper time. He would love to be naked 24/7. This morning I called him a "big boy" and he repeated me and said big boy over and over. Everything is a "cracker". He loves his milk and his fruit snacks. He has 15 teeth and a full head of hair that I have had to cut 5 times now since he was born. He is a mommy's boy at times and a daddy's boy at other. Last night TJ was putting together some shoe racks and Carter went to get his drill to help, while making the brmmm brmmm sound. the kid never stops, unless he is sleeping. He is on constant go but he loves his bed and his sleep (thank the lord). He has a blankie.... the first and only one of my children to have a blankie. He won't go to bed without it. He loves music and will dance whenever he hears it. He could care less about toys...just give him a cell phone, remote control or anything electronic and you are good to go. If he doesn't do something technical with his life in the future, I will be very surprised. Well, that's my sweet baby in a nutshell....I love you baby Carter!