Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tis the Season to be Jolly!

The Christmas season is in full swing and I have so many things to be thankful for! I have a wonderful family with kids that are good (most of the time) and a kick butt husband who works so hard to provide for us even with the terrible economy. He travels all the way to Arizona to work 160 hrs in 2 weeks, making no more than a job here would make. But he has to do something. Everytime I think about how much I give up for my family I think about how much he gives up as well.

The house is decorated and I have baked up a storm. But Christmas shopping???? I haven't even started. Well that's not entirely true but I have maybe 2 gifts. Since we are going on a cruise in February we have decided that the girls are getting 1 gift each and stockings, they'll thank us when we are swimming with the dolphins in Belize. They just don't realize it yet!!! ha ha.

Carter....well what to get? He is 14 months old and could care less about toys. Give him a laptop, remote control, cell phone, electric drill, anything electronie and the kid is in hog heaven. Do you think he is too young for a tool set??

This time of year is the time to be thankful for everythng we have. Even though times are tough and it seems like it's not getting any better just remember your family. They are all that matters. I cherish my kids and the time I have with them everyday. I cherish my husband and the things he does for us. And I cherish God and the belief that he will never give me more than I can handle. Although, some days I could have a pretty strong arguement about that.