Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And we are BACK!!!!

From the most amazing vacation ever. I have to say that it was simply amazing and even though it left our bank account something to be desired.....it was something I will never forget and neither will the kids. We left on Saturday the 7th and stayed in South Beach, Miami the first night. Wow, what a place. It's kinda like Vegas, the city that never sleeps. the next morning we boarded the Norwegian Pearl and right there is when it began.......the nonstop eating that is. We chose Freestyle cruising which means you do what you want, when you want. Instead of being on a meal schedule and what not. During the first show that night they said the average adult gains an average of 5.8 lbs on a 7 day cruise....well, I don't think they were lying. LOL!!! Food everywhere. Hunger was never an issue. Our first port took us to Roatan, Honduras. I could honestly live there. It was stunning. Beautiful pristine beaches and warm water....we went to Gambambalimba park and got to play with the monkey's. By play I mean hold them, feed them and anything you could ever want. They were a blast. We also got to hold and play with huge Parrots and Macaws. I didn't want that day to end. The next day took us to Belize City, Belize. I don't know if it was just me but that place leaves something to be desired. We took the kids on a tour of the Ancient Mayan Ruins of Altun Ha and snore snore snore....can you say boring?? Not to mention it was 95 degrees, 98% humidity and the sand fleas were biting any skin they could see. I am still itching. Not my favorite. The next day took us to Cozumel, Mexico.....another gorgeous port. We went swimming with the dolphins here. Our dolphin was named Pakal and he was only 8 months old but what a creature he was. So sweet and gentle and just amazing. Then after that we took the kids back to the boat and TJ and I went tequila tasting......enough said. LOL. Our final stop was at the cruise lines private island Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas. It was great weather and we hung out on the beach all day long. 7 hrs of sun, snorkeling, shell hunting and of course, buckets of beer!!! We met another couple from North Carolina and another couple on their honeymoon who live only about a mile from us in Lynden. We hung out with them that whole day and went to valentines dinner with them. It was a lot of fun. After docking Sunday morning back in Miami we got to have a wind down day and night at the Embassy Suites near the airport. I am so glad we did. We got there around 11am and took naps outside by the pool, ordered pizza, played video games and went to bed nice and early so we could be somewhat refreshed for our 7 hour plane ride home Monday morning.

It was the vacation of a lifetime and I am so glad we did it. If you have never been on a cruise I definitely recommend going on one. You will be glad you did. Once I get my photos loaded on here I will post them. Probably tomorrow. We are glad to be home and hope everyone is doing well!


Jo Vaughn said...

I am soooo happy you all enjoyed a fantastic trip! Sounds awesome! Can't wait to see the pictures. Love you all lots. Love, Mom (In Port Orchard)