Friday, February 27, 2009

It's been 7 years.......

Since I brought this precious angel into the world.

My little Natalya is not so little anymore. I remember the day I had her. We thought she was a boy. We didn't even have a name for her and she looked so much like her sister, we felt as though we had a repeat birth of just a short 22 months prior when Malaya was born. She came flying into the world with no time to waste, the Dr was darting through the birthing center only to catch her as she flew out. She took one look at the world around her and went right back to sleep. Almost as if she were saying.....ah, no biggie, I've got this covered. Ever since that day she has continued to have a slow paced, laid back, relaxed look at life. She reminds me everyday to slow down and enjoy the day instead of being in such a hurry all the time. Which can also be extremely frustrating when we are actually in a hurry!
She is so soft and sweet and gentle. My girly girl for sure. She doesn't leave the house without primping or a mismatched outfit. She is my snuggler, my lovebug and a homebody for sure. From birth until now, Natalya has always been most comfortable at home. As I get older, the more I am at peace with that. She is very strong willed, opinionated and passionate about things. Especially, when it's her idea. Extremely smart and studious in school. My baby girl is the most compassionate soul I know. Even though she isn't the "baby" anymore, she is still and will always be my baby girl. I love you Natalya Elizabeth. Keep being the beautiful butterfly you are. I love you always.
Here are a few snapshots from her birthday party. Until next year.......