Saturday, March 7, 2009

A newfound obsession

Carter has discovered a newly found obession for climbing things. Anythings. Chairs, stools, furniture, toys, name it and the kid will climb it. A couple of nights ago he decided to climb a barstool, which is not a good idea since they are kinda tippy to begin with, add the weight and stature of an uneasy 24 lb toddler!

I wasn't watching as this was happening, I was in the other room. I hear the chair hit the floor and the sudden screaming sounds of a hurt little boy. Normally, Carter cries a minute then wriggles his way back to the ground to go get into something else. But he cried this time for a good 15 minutes. We headed up to bathtime and that is when I noticed that he hit the chair back right square between the eyes on the bridge of his nose. At this point his nose was as wide as it was long and turning more purple by the minute. I called the Dr afraid that it might be broken, but luckily he is still growing bones in his nose so she said there was a very minute chance it were broken. We iced, gave Motrin and headed off to bed. Expecting to see black and blue the next morning, I was very happy to be awaken by a baby with a tiny red dot on his nose. And one of the first things he did when he got up that morning was try to climb that same stinkin chair!! Boy, he keeps me on my toes!

On a good note, Carter turned 17 months last week and I promised to update his photos monthly for family who doesn't get to see him on a regular basis. Most of my photos of him are in the bathtub because that is when he is the happiest!!!! He is also one of my favorite creatures to photograph because he just loves it! Enjoy