Thursday, March 26, 2009


Guitar Hero.......Seriously..........WHO invented this game? We got it as an early gift for Malaya's birthday and our entire family has been glued to the Wii playing the guitar for a week. Malaya is really good and TJ, well you all can probably vision this in your hot husband with the guitar wiggling around playing "La Noche" with the volume turned up to 58! Holy headache. I tell ya, I think he just likes the name of the song, the beat is catchy though, I found myself bopping to the beat at 12am while trying to sleep...damn guitar hero.

Then there is Bejeweled Blitz, a Facebook game that sucks you in like the plague. I swear all I think about these days is beating my friends' scores and lining up as many shiny jewels as I can. I want to know where Jenn gets her super speedy mouse in order to get 181,000 points.......HOW is that humanly possible???

Guitar Hero....oh wait I already went there......ha ha, yes it IS that bad!!!!!