Thursday, March 26, 2009


I really am no good at this blogging thing. I have friends who's blogs are so stinking interesting to read. mine, BlaH!!!!!

Here are just a few updates on the kids.

Malaya is back playing spring soccer. She loves soccer and would play year round if she could. She is on a 4th grade team and is one of the best players. It's challenging for her and we hope she learns new skills and stuff for next season. Her 2nd trimester report card came in and she is doing exceptional in school. We couldn't be more proud. She is coming up on her 9th birthday in 2 weeks.....gotta find something fun to do. she is very sweet and we love her... However, where did this new "I am in 3rd grade and so much smarter than anyone else" attitude come from? Nobody told me this would happen. LOL!]

Natalya, well not really into sports yet but the other day she gave us a list of the "lessons" she plans to take next fall......gymnastics, tap, jazz, piano lessons and guitar lessons...ya ok and I am 6500 people all at once..hmmmm. She just celebrated her 7th birthday with a big party and is also doing amazing in school. She is at and above grade level in EVERY subject!!!!!!! Following right in her sister's footsteps.

Little Carter....not so little anymore. He is a monster. A good monster. He sleeps like an angel which I am soooooooo thankful for. But when he is awake it's like a circus at my house! i seriously need one of those child leashes they make. If you are outside or in public and put him down he takes off and he is FAST!!!!! For reals! His vocab is expanding daily...he pretends to be a dog alot and crawls on the floor saying arf arf arf......everything is mine mine mine....everyone is MOOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If the girls leave without him he stands at the door yelling GUYS GUYS.....if we are getting ready to go he gets his shoes on and waits at the door for us. He is totally becoming a little person. And boy can he dance. the boy has got moves!!!!! ha ha...we love him. I cannot imagine our family without him.


The Kingsborough Queen said...

your's is not blah! i check it all the's a good way to stay connected! and i love seeing and knowing how all these kids have grown and changed. most of us think that our lives aren't that interesting. all the little stuff really is the "big stuff" in life! keep blogging!