Friday, February 20, 2009

Week in Review

Well regretfully, I will say outloud that it is nice to be home. Yes I miss the hot sun and carefree days with nothing to worry about besides making sure the sunscreen is applied every couple of hours and what to have to eat next. Gotta love vacation. But I missed my baby Carter. I missed my comfy bed and my computer! Lame, I know.

This week took some adjusting to. We have all been on East Coast time so passing out before 8pm and up at 4:30am. All of us. We are slowly adjusting to "regular" time again though. The girls are happy to be back at school, TJ is back to work as am I.

My mama got to go on a much deserved trip to Mazatlan this week so she is gone. Going to go to dinner with dad and the kids tonight. This should be an adventure!

Tomorrow is the kick off of my new PT business selling Sensaria Body Care products. It's going to be a busy day. But with the great weather and my motivation I am hoping it turns out to be a great day.

Sunday brings no plans, hoping it's still nice out so we can head to the park.

Monday night is my first home party at Julie's house. Should be great fun!

I just signed Malaya up for spring soccer, just what we need is another activity but since they are taking a break from cheer right now it won't be so bad.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and hopfully I will have more to blog about next week!