Tuesday, January 27, 2009

16 Months

Carter is turning 16 months old today. He is the funniest thing ever. I enjoy watching him learn new things everyday. He is really starting to come into his own these days...running. Yes, running everywhere. Especially in the opposite direction when he has something he isn't supposed to or he sees the diaper changing materials! His vocab hasn't really expanded much more beyond Mama, Dada, cracker, cookie, mine mine mine, pee pee, this, that and who is it? LOL!!! Everything is a cracker. All food at least. It's hilarous. He gives high fives and knuckles and is starting recognize body parts such as his pee pee (oh boy), the belly button of himself and others and noses! He really likes to squeeze them as hard as he can. He brings a certain light and laughter to the day of each member of our family. The girls are really getting a kick out of watching him learn things, it amazes them how fast he picks up on stuff. Happy 16 month birthday Carter!


The Kingsborough Queen said...

awwww...he is just priceless!! i love that he is sooooo boy!! i love the new camera too...i'm jealous!! the pics of your kids are gorgeous. isn't the time flying?? i feel like we were just pregnant.

The Erdmann Family said...

Thanks Cher! It does just seem like we were pregnant huh? How fast it goes at this young age......thank you for the compliment. I think my new camera has been my best investment ever!

Mike Vaughn said...

OH MY GAWD!!! The gloves are off... now I gotta post some nekkid' pictures of you as baby on here so poor Carter can tell his future girlfriends that his mom wasn't the only whacko in the family. Poor guys gonna get a worlwide complex. Sorry Carter, moms can embarass you in the name of love for the rest of your life and there is nothing anyone can do to save you!

Love you all,
Grandpa V