Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rah, Rah, Rah

The girls are doing Lynden Lions "Mini-cheer" this year and it has been great. Every Thursday they get to practice with the real highschool cheerleaders after school. They learn cheers and chants and even dance routines. It so cute and they both love it. Following right in their mama's footsteps! Mind you, this was something they asked me to do...I am not attempting to relive my glory days through them or anything but it has been fun and I love when we all do it together at home.

Last night, the young girls had the opportunity to cheer at the HS basketball game during halftime. They both did wonderful.....I am so proud! The lighting in the gym however, bouncing off the bright yellow walls was not the greatest so I only have a couple of pictures that turned out. I will try to get more at their next performance on July 30th.


Brooke said...

They are too cute~

The Erdmann Family said...

Aw, thanks. Natalya did surprisingly well for how shy she is!