Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rants and Raves

Are we all familiar with Craigslist famous column Rants and Raves?? There are some funny people on there and some obnoxious people on there. I am feeling the need to start my own Rants and Raves.....if you don't mind. I have some Ranting AND Raving to do. I don't know if it's because I am going on week #3 without TJ, or just plain antsy today but writing always makes me feel goes.

Re: Driving
Why oh why must people drive with their blinker on for 20 minutes from Lynden to B'ham? Just bugs me. You never know if they are really turning or not and it just bothered me today on the drive into town. I mean was his music really up loudly enough to not hear the clicky clicky on the dashboard the whole way??

And on the way home I had the pleasure of being behind a Toyota Tundra with NO, and I repeat NO brake lights. The sun is shining and it's hard enough to see when someone is breaking but to flat drive without brake lights to me is just plain irresponsbile and dangerous. I don't tailgate, I leave a few cars distance between me and him and I found out about his no brake lights when my front bumper came within an inch of his while he slammed on his brakes for the car in front of him to turn left. JERK!!!!!!!!!!

And on to Raves.......I ventured into the mall today because I had several returns to do from Christmas that I had been putting off. With money tight I was only going to return, not buy. But when you walk into Kohls and see Carters brand footed jammies for Carter for $3.80 I would be stupid not to pick up a pair. He needs them and why spend $18.00 when I can get them for $3.80? Old Navy....once again. Jeans for the girls for $6.99 then 50% off that? I'd be stupid not to.

So my rave for the day is great sales at the mall.

Oh and the sun. I love you sun. You make me happy. I am so glad you are still here. Please never go away.