Thursday, January 29, 2009

In Memory Of....

My blog today is dedicated to my beautiful Aunt Karen who went to be with the Lord exactly one year today. At just 47 years old, she was taken from us and taken to heaven where I know she looks down on her family and smiles, knowing that we all miss her so much but are celebrating her life and time here with us rather than dwelling on our loss. She suffered with Ovarian Cancer for I believe was about 2 years.

I miss her so much.

This might be a really crazy thing but it's still not real for me. Even a year later, I still go to family events and expect to see her smiling face. When out and about I have had to take second looks when I see someone who looks like her. I dream about her and it's so real. But reality is, she is not here.

A couple weeks ago all the family gathered to celebrate her life once again and spread her ashes on her property where she was the most happy. It was a somber, yet humbling time. But it still doesn't make it real for me.

Today, as I go about my day I will be thinking of her and be reminded once again, how precious our lives are. How we should never go a day without telling our loved ones just how much we love them. Forgiving, caring, loving and cherishing. Every moment. For we never know what tomorrow will bring. She will never, ever be forgotten. I love you Aunt Karen