Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Life is too precious

I am so in love with all of my kids. They are the best things that EVER happened to me! Today a young life was lost. There was a tragic car accident in which a local 7 yr old girl so quickly lost her life. I don't know the family, nor the girl but for some reason this has touched my heart so deeply. I cried for her off and on all day. It made me think, what if that had been me? What if those girls in the car were mine and one minute they were here on Earth with me and the next minute gone? Why did God choose to take such a young life today? I can't answer any of these questions but I can tell you what will become of this for me. When I got home today I hugged each of my kids and told them just how much they are loved. I have made a promise to myself to tell them over and over everyday just in case that next moment is my last moment with them. My heart is aching for the mother of this girl who is surely blaming herself at this moment and grieving like nobody who hasn't lost a child will ever understand. What was the last thing she said to her daughter and will it haunt her forever? I have decided to relax a little more and don't sweat so much of the small stuff.....for tomorrow anything can happen. And if something does I don't want anyone to leave me with my last words being anything other than I love you.


Brooke said...

Makes my heart ache to think of that mothers loss. I cant imagine it, I dont want to either but you are right, we cant sweat the small stuff and make sure that we tell them we love them every day.